What Vegans Eat – Day 862


Breakfast: The bathtub was being refinished today. In many apartment buildings in New York City, the bathtubs are not allowed to be replaced. We live in one of these buildings. I was lucky because the last time I refinished the tub was over 15 years ago. It lasted a long time but started to peel about a year ago. We got up early to get ready. One nice thing about making tea is refrigerating what you don’t drink. Gary makes Teeccino every morning (now that he is caffeine-free) and he bottled a “Frappa-Teeccino” for me (Soy Milk and Teeccino) and put it in the refrigerator yesterday. I enjoyed it before getting ready for the contractor to come.
Lunch: Refinishing tubs is a stinky business. The fumes were pumped out through a large tube and sent out the window. The bathroom door was taped shut with the contractor inside, wearing a gas mask. When he was finished he kept the bathroom door closed. He instructed us to leave the apartment and come back in three hours. In other words, we had to enjoy the day! No working in the apartment. We had to return a gift Gary received from Marshall’s. In the same direction is Green Zenphony so we knew where we would be having lunch. I know this doesn’t have to do with food but I had to post this picture. Marshall’s was advertising VEGAN bags. I never imagined seeing such a sign in my life! This is exciting.
Next stop was Green Zenphony. The lunch menu comes with soup. Gary got the Wonton Soup.
I ordered the Miso. It has little bits of Wakame in it that I love.
I chose the Triple Mushroom with Bean Curd and Gary got the Veggie Beef Cow Fun. It was fun!
Tea Break: We had been out about three hours and returned to the apartment. We had learned earlier that morning that our bathroom exhaust wasn’t working so we were concerned that the fumes would still be in the bathroom. Gary put on the gas mask I bought after 9/11/2001 and opened the bathroom door. We could still smell the fumes coming into the rest of the apartment and we quickly stepped out again. This time we went in the other direction towards our local organic vegetarian cafe, The Red Pipe. I ordered a vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Scone and a Black Tea. Gary tried an herbal Strawberry Tea.
We walked a lot just to pass the time, stopping in our local stores, The Gap and Eddie Bauer. When we got back home, everything was fine. The fumes were gone and we now have a shiny, white tub.
Dinner: This was not a day for creative cooking. We reheated the cooked Basmati Brown Rice and made Rice Sundaes with Nutritional Yeast and Tahini Dressing. I took a small cup of Carrot Lentil Soup.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots, Lime, Ginger

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