What Vegans Eat – Day 869, Travel Edition


Breakfast: We drove down to Pajaro Dunes Beach for a meeting. The producer of the show we will be directing later this year was leading a girls empowerment camp there. The drive was beautiful. On the way there she called us and wanted to meet an hour ater than we originally planned. Serendipity! We were in the Capitola area and thought we’d stop for a tea. Now that we had more time we could have breakfast at Dharma’s. I checked Groupon and sure enough, there was an offer for this restaurant. I grabbed it. I had my favorite salad topped with Sunflower Sprouts. Will someone remind me to grow these when we get home? I love them so much.
Gary got the Tofu Scramble and it is one of the best. But he couldn’t finish it and saved the rest for me to eat later (which I did.)
Daily Green Juice: After our meeting we drove back north and stopped at our favorite grocery store on the planet, the Staff of Life. After picking up a few things, including Purple Potatoes, we both sat down and enjoyed our Vegetable Juices.
Dinner: Back in Palo Alto I made a big Kale Salad and cooked the Purple Potatoes. I call them Potatoes, the store sign said Purple Yams. Whatever they are, I couldn’t wait to cooked them and eat them. I will never forget the first time we had them, Gary and I went nuts. They are so sweet, they tasted like donuts. These were not as sweet as the first time, but they are still quite good.

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