What Vegans Eat – Day 876, Travel Edition


Breakfast: It’s cooked Steel Cut Oats again this morning with Bananas and Raisins and Chia Seeds. Steel Cut Oats are more dense than Rolled Oats. I took a small bowl since they fill me up quickly. Later on in the morning I ate some more.
Lunch: I finished up the last of the Kale-Salad-that-kept-on-going was finished today with added cooked millet and a little guacamole from yesterday’s dinner. Gary ate the gorgeous Zucchini, Pepper and Red Onion he grilled yesterday with the cooked Quinoa and Guacamole.
Dinner: We have been in the Bay Area for almost two weeks and where have we not been yet? The Vegetarian House. We usually stop there soon after we’ve landed. Somehow it’s taken this long but we made it tonight with Gary’s cousin Nancy and her husband Wade. We started with Heavenly salad and it was devoured as soon as it was put on the table.
I was not in the mood for my favorite Flying Buddha soup, or anything cooked actually. The last time we were here with Wade and Nancy, Wade ordered the Spicy Thai Wrap and both Nancy and I got it this time. It’s so flavorful and fresh made with shredded cabbage, carrot, red bell pepper, onion, cilantro, sprouts and fresh mint in a lightly spiced Thai almond sauce; wrapped in a marinated collard green leaf.
Gary tried something different too and unfortunately his choice was not a keeper. He ordered the Kung Pao Tofu with fresh tofu, zucchini, peanuts, red & green bell pepper with chili; sautéed in a kung pao sauce. It was just okay with ordinary flavors. There was no POW in this PAO.
Wade went nuts over the Majestic Mango Salad he ordered with fresh mango, soy protein, fresh mints and crushed peanuts dressed in a light vinaigrette. But he too was disappointed with his main dish, the Smiling Gyro with stir fried soy protein strips, bell peppers, napa cabbage, onion, lettuce and tomato with a tzatziki sauce, rolled in a flat pita bread; served with a side of kale. He said it was too salty. I never hear anyone say that except me!
Gary does this trick where he says he is going off to the bathroom and he comes back with a box of Sjaak’s chocolates! I fall for it every time. The Vegetarian House sells Sjaak’s at in front room.
These will not last long.
Evening: We are having dinner tomorrow night for some very dear friends. Stay tuned! Gary started prepping and chopped Red Onions and Parsley. It was too beautiful not to photograph.
I made another Raw Fruit Tart, and filmed a video making it at the same time.

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