What Vegans Eat – Day 877, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Oats again? Yes, please! With Soy Milk, Chia Seeds, Walnuts and Raisins.
Dinner: What to serve when the boss is coming over for dinner? Meatloaf! We had Deo and John Robbins coming over for dinner. They are dear friends and yes, I do work with John and his son Ocean at the Food Revolution Network. Gary and I had fun while preparing the meal saying, “the boss is coming over for dinner, the boss is coming over for dinner!” Deo and John have invited us to dinner many times while we have been in the Bay Area. House sitting at Gary’s sister’s home, we had the chance to reciprocate. We prepped a little yesterday and things came together nicely today. Here’s the table.
When John and Deo arrived we sat out on the front patio and chatted while enjoying a colorful selection of olives. Deo and I had some Frey Cabernet and Gary and John went for the Anchor Steam.
“Bottle dressing on my fresh salad?” That was another thing Gary and I were joking about as we prepared dinner. Do you remember that Good Season’s commercial? The commercial was promoting a packet of herbs and spices that you would add to vinegar and oil. We don’t do that either. Gary made a Cashew-based Caesar dressing, creamy and full of flavor.
Kale with Onions was one of the sides.
Oven Roasted New Potatoes was the other side.
The Meatloaf with Gary’s Spicy Marinara was the main event!
Actually, I am going to take that back. I think the main event was the outstanding company and conversation! We covered a wide range of topics and shared stories for over four hours.
We are staying near the Rose Garden, so before dessert we took a walk there. I have never seen it more beautiful. It was magical, especially with the full moon rising above us. Back at the house, I brought out the Fresh Raw Fruit Tart. We served it with Iced Vanilla Teeccino and Almond Milk.

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