What Vegans Eat – Day 882


Breakfast: We arrived home in the morning after our red-eye flight. We were both pretty good about unpacking and getting settled in. I had a big day planned. I made some Steel Cut Oats with some of the foods we traveled home with: Cacao Nibs and Almonds. Without any fresh fruit, I put a little Maple Syrup on my cereal. It was a welcome home treat.
I was hoping to take a nap before going to the PRN studio for my radio show but I couldn’t sleep. Fortunately Gary got some rest. I was excited about my guests for the show, the Vegan Mos. PRN is live streaming now and this would be my first live stream show. (Before it has just been audio.)
Dinner: When I got home Gary had a big dinner salad ready for me with Kale, Avocado, Marinated Tempeh, Baked Tofu and Tahini Dressing. He had gone out and picked up some fresh produce while I was doing the radio show. Thank you Gary! He knew I needed some good fuel. I had more planned after dinner and had to stay alert.
Evening: It’s the sixth and last Plant-Powered & Thriving class with John and Ocean Robbins, and me and we had a Q&A planned for after the class. I had to set up the lights and webcam for streaming. Gary had made some juices and froze them before we left for California. I was so glad to have one this evening. I needed it! It was made with Kale, Celery and Lemon.

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