What Vegans Eat – Day 883


Breakfast: I began the day with Cherry Juice. We bought some unsweetened Cherry Juice concentrate and have not used it much. I like adding diluting it with water for a morning drink.
I defrosted the Almond Yogurt we had frozen before leaving for California. It’s good! Hallelujah. I don’t like wasting food, especially food I love. And I love this yogurt. I mixed it with Rolled Oates, Apples, Cacao Nibs, Figs and Soaked Chia Seeds. My morning tea was a cold-brewed Jasmine Green (1 Tablespoon tea in 4 cups of water, chilled for at least 3 hours). Gary skipped the yogurt and went with Soy Milk on his oats along with chilled Teeccino. We often take B12, Vitamin D and Zinc for supplements along with DHA/EPA. Now we are trying out Dr. Fuhrman’s Immune Biotect. Gary doesn’t like the veggie caps and he dumped the vitamin D and Immune Biotect powders in his Teeccino, making it a nice purple color from the berry concentrate. Down you go!
Tea Break:
Now back at home I am happily making my Cold-Brewed Teas. This morning I mixed a couple of Tablespoons of Rooibos Chai with 4 cups of water and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours. After our long walk we came home ready to hydrate.
We finished up the remaining marinated Tempeh and Baked Tofu Gary had prepared for our trip home, on top of a big Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing plus Garbanzo Beans, Avocado and Walnuts.
Evening: Gary made some Air Pop and I ate an Apple before settling in for the evening, watching the movie Fences with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. It seemed like a good film for a hot night. I had not seen the James Earl Jones version on Broadway 30 years ago but throughout the film, Gary bemoaned Denzel’s angry and bitter interpretation in comparison with the more layered, serious yet sensitive approach by Mr. Jones. I watched the “I ain’t Got to Like You” scene on YouTube afterwards by both actors to understand what Gary meant. Viola Davis and the other actors in the movie were all excellent.

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