What Vegans Eat – Day 90


Breakfast: It was Mother’s Day and we planned to celebrate at a Chinese Restaurant in White Plains, NY. Since we had been out late the night before we got up late and just had some tea before we left for Mother’s Day lunch.

Lunch: At the restaurant I had some edamame as an appetizer and avocado maki for my main dish. I think avocado maki is one of the most perfect flavor combinations invented: avocado, nori, rice and wasabi. We all went to my brother’s mother-in-law’s home for fresh fruit and chia seed cookies. It’s Girl Scout Cookie time and we picked up our order of Thin Mints (which are now vegan) from my niece. These cookies may be vegan but they are not healthy and made with some pretty awful ingredients, like hydrogenated oil which is likely GMO along with some other GMO ingredients. I recommend making your own Girl Scout cookies with quality ingredients that are not only vegan but gluten-free. Try my recipes here.

Dinner: Gary whipped up some fries and ribs. Well, zucchini sticks, breaded with a spicy quinoa topping, tempeh ribs and steamed collard greens. I also enjoed my daily green juice with kale, collards, celery, carrots and lemon.

Evening: We got to try our new cookies with some Teeccino. The Teeccino was great. The cookies, no so great. When you know the taste of quality, organic chocolate and other quality ingredients, the highly processed version just don’t make it.

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