What Vegans Eat – Day 912


Breakfast: Steel Cuts Oats were cooked this morning with Raisins and Apples and topped with Blueberries, Chia and Flax Seeds. I made a pot of Jasmine Tea.
Dinner: I was not feeling my best today. I laid down for a while and Gary prepared a comforting dinner. He made Garbanzo Bean Flour Flatbread and Baked Tofu. This time he sweetened the marinade for the tofu with the Fig Butter I made this week. We made delicious sandwiches with Romaine Lettuce and Tahini Dressing Salad, Almond Yogurt and Mustard, and I added my cooked Shiitake mushrooms to mine.
Evening: I managed to finish a project after dinner and then vegged out watching several episodes of Season 2, Sense8. During intermission, there was fresh Pineapple.

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