What Vegans Eat – Day 937, Special Hospital Edition


Breakfast: I got to bed late and thought I might sleep in. That didn’t happen. Sleeping at my parents home, the room I was in had a lot of light and more light when the sun came in. I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. And I was hungry. I made Rolled Oats with Strawberries, Raisins, Blueberries and Almond Milk.
My dad called and requested that I bring him a few things at the hospital. I told my mom to stay back at home and rest and I would come for her later. I stayed with my Dad, waiting for doctors and information until lunchtime. When I spoke to one of his doctors she noticed the book, The Alzheimer’s Solution on my chair. She asked me why I was reading that. I got excited. Here was another opening to preach the plant-based message. I told her I was interviewing the authors tomorrow on my radio show. “Did you know Alzheimer’s can be prevented and sometimes reversed with a plant-based diet?” I exclaimed. The doctor asked if it was based on research. I said, “Oh yes! One studied compared The Seventh Day Adventists who are vegetarian to a normal population eating the Standard American Diet and found they live longer, quality lives. She beamed and said, “Oh good, I am a vegetarian.” I added how great that was, but being vegan was even better. Are you ready for her response? She told me that dairy was necessary for protein. I told her that Beans and Greens were better sources of protein without cholesterol and saturated fat. “Greens?” she asked, “but you’d have to eat so much.” “Exactly!” I said thinking to myself that eating those high fiber green foods in place of dairy would help her lose those unwanted pounds she was carrying. Come on, shouldn’t a doctor look healthy? I didn’t want to take up more of her time knowing patients were waiting but told her I was available to talk more or give a workshop, and that was that.
When my father’s lunch arrived he asked me to read the menu and tell him what he was served. “Cheeseburger on a Whole Wheat Bun, Apple Juice and Skim Milk”. The hospital serves up a lunch to harden your arteries and feed your cancer cells, and keep you coming back for more procedures. As my dad happily bit into his burger I went back to the house to pick up mom.
A gastroenterologist checked in on us to offer his opinions on a few things. As he spoke I kept asking myself how could I respect a doctor whose expertise included the digestive system when he himself had a large, protruding belly. Does he really know himself how to nourish and heal the body, especially the organs involved in his area of specialization (the mouth to the anus, along the alimentary canal) when he did not take care of his own?
Dinner: Fortunately my dad was discharged but not before he was served dinner. He asked me to read his menu to him again. Yes, there were vegetables, Corn and Green Beans and mixed Berries. But could they compensate for the BBQ Chicken, Skim Milk and Angel Food Cake with Whipped Cream? He asked me to butter his corn with the margarine and enjoyed his last hospital meal.
Once at my parents’ house I hurried to make dinner for my mom and me. I was hungry. There wasn’t a lot of food because we were supposed to have gone food shopping yesterday but got detoured with a trip to the hospital. My mom prepared the Romaine Lettuce and chopped some Green Olives to add to it. She brought out a can of Cannellini Beans to add to it. All my lecturing the last few days about beans must have sunken in. I splashed my salad with Balsamic Vinegar. I found Edamame in the freezer, and steamed some Potatoes with Onions and Carrots. My dad, who had eaten dinner earlier came in when he smelled something good cooking. He had a small plate of the Potato dish too.
Evening: My mom boiled the water for tea and selected a bag of Jasmine Green Tea for me. I thought that I shouldn’t have caffeine at night but then decided nothing could keep me up. I was too tired. So I enjoyed it.

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