What Vegans Eat – Day 936, Special Hospital Edition


Breakfast: It was a beautiful morning! I was trying to finish some work before heading to my parents. My dad had a bad reaction to a medication in his eye and couldn’t see very well. He needed to do some financial transactions and I said I would come by to be his “eyes”. I got an early start and Gary served up his Teeccino and Soy Froth masterpieces.
Lunch: I wanted to make sure I had some good food in my belly before going to my parents, I took the last container of leftovers from Plant-Wise and made another soup. It was so good yesterday I couldn’t wait to do it again today. This time I used the Tomato Chickpea dish with Coconut Tomato Sauce and added the not-so-secret ingredient, Porcini Mushrooms and more Chickpeas.
Dad and I had a productive session. Mom kept asking if we wanted some lunch and neither of us was hungry. While we worked she had a salad. Afterwards I was going to take them shopping. They made a few lists and had some store flyers and coupons to bring along. We were just about to leave when the phone rang. It was one of my dad’s doctors calling to say that he reviewed my dad’s recent blood work and that he would need a transfusion right away. This was quite unexpected but I was glad to be there at the right moment. We got in the car and headed to the hospital instead of to the stores. Things seem to move slowly in hospitals for the patients. The medical staff is moving around dealing with many people at the same time. From the patient’s perspective it is all about waiting. As we waited I tried to read. Just by chance, I had brought along The Alzheimer’s Solution, which I had to finish in a couple of days for my radio show when I will interview the authors, Dean Sherzai, M.D., PhD. & Ayesha Sherzai, M.D. on It’s All About Food. There were many distractions and interruptions. As I read the book and learned about how most cases of Alzheimer’s and dementia can be prevented and some damage can actually be repaired with a plant-based diet and exercise, I looked around me at everyone in the hospital. Most people were there because of a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.
My dad was happy when his dinner arrived, some sort of meaty stew with white rice, peas and carrots, apple sauce, coffee and skim milk. He liked it. I kept thinking about how the hospital serves their patients food that will guarantee return customers. Feed them food that keeps them sick and they will be your patients for life… until they die.
Dinner: Meanwhile, I was getting very hungry and thirsty. I never thought to pour a glass of water from the pitcher sitting on my dad’s bed tray. In the evening when he was getting his transfusion my mom and I slipped away for dinner. We were very close to the Plainview Diner. After my two recent experiences there I did not want to go back. My mom is more adventurous about dining than my dad so I suggested we look for something else. We found Hama Sushi. My parents rarely eat Japanese and are not familiar with the cuisine. My mom does enjoy Avocado Maki which she orders sometimes in restaurants that serve a mix of Americanized Chinese and Japanese foods. It was chilly outside and we warmed up with Genmaicha Tea. Mom loved the paper napkins with the roses on them. She was a bit annoyed at first with her mug that did not have handles on them but I explained how lovely it is to wrap your hands around it and take in its warmth. Soon she was enjoying the tea experience almost as much as me.
Salad came with our meals. I explained to my mom that the salads would be made with Iceberg lettuce and she should not ask for Romaine as she often does in the diners. The salads arrived and I don’t think I ever enjoyed Iceberg so much. I was so parched and the Iceberg lettuce was crunchy and full of water. I didn’t use the Ginger Dressing because I thought there might be mayonnaise in it and the server didn’t seem to understand my question about ingredients. The salad was fine without it. Mom loved the dressing and took home what she didn’t use.
I ordered the Vegetable Sushi. It was a stunning dish. I was delighted to see the option of choosing Brown Rice or Black Rice instead of White Rice. I have never seen Black Rice offered anywhere and was excited to try it. My mom chose the Vegetable Tempura and she marveled over every bite, she loved it so much.
Afterwards we were brought a couple of slices of Watermelon. It was a perfect dinner.
We went back to the hospital and we were there a few more hours until my dad left the ER and was admitted and moved to a room to stay over night. Mom and I went ahead when we got his room number and watched the Environmental Services Team clean up his space and prepare the bed. One of the guys complimented me on my shoes. I told him the nicest part about them was that they were vegan, they were not made of leather. He told me he was trying to go vegan but found it challenging. I whipped out a REAL business card and told him to visit this website and email me with questions. When it comes to eating vegan, I am here to be of service.
To be continued…

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