What Vegans Eat – Day 934


Breakfast: I stayed over my parents’ house. In the morning we had the Fruity Corn Waffles I had brought them. They heat up nicely in the toaster! My mom brought out some fruit – Strawberries, Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Blueberries. The Blueberries fit perfectly in the waffle holes.
Lunch: We had another doctor’s office to visit. It took a while and when we were done everyone was hungry. We were in Plainview, so the obvious choice was the Plainview Diner. Now I think I swore about three months ago in What Vegans Eat – Day 816 to never return to the Plainview Diner ever again. This is where my parents wanted to go and I was with them to be of service. I just had to make better choices this time when I ordered. I went with the Garden Salad, without the scoop of Chicken or Tuna Salad. The server wasn’t offering any reductions or substitutions, and I went along. It was fine. Mom asked for Red Onions to go with her Veggie Burger. She also requested Romaine Lettuce. When her dish came with Iceberg Lettuce she asked for a plate of Romaine. I topped my simple Iceberg Lettuce/Carrot/Tomato/Cucumber Salad with some Red Onion slices and Romaine Lettuce and pour Red Wine Vinegar all over it. It was fine. Dad went with his favorite Cheese Blintzes with extra Sour Cream and Sugar (No comment, I won’t bore with with the lectures I’ve given my parents about eating healthy).
Once back at my parent’s home, I grabbed the leftover Rock Out Wrap with the Veggie Patty, Shredded Beets, Kale, Red Onion and BBQ/Cashew/Dijon Sauce from yesterday’s outing to Plant-Wise. It was very yummy and filled me up.
Dinner: After doing a few tasks for my parents (replacing the kitchen faucet and some light bulbs) I was on my way home. Gary had dinner ready. I wasn’t very hungry but what I really wanted was a beer. That Samuel Adams was just right along with Baked Fries, Red Pepper Hummus and Kale Salad.

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