What Vegans Eat – Day 944


Breakfast: You’ve seen this before. I love making soup from Green Zenphony leftovers. I couldn’t wait to wake up for this breakfast: Chinese Broccoli and Brown Rice with added Mushrooms and water.
Lunch: The week of going to doctors with my dad had begun. After our appointment everyone was hungry. We stopped at the nearest diner called On Parade. I never went to so many diners in my life! I’ve been to four in the last week or two. And that is four too many. The only “safe” thing to get is salad with raw vegetables and no dressing. Diners always have bottles of oil and vinegar that they bring to the table when requested. I ordered the On Parade House Salad with Romaine & Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Roasted Red Peppers, Fresh Mushrooms & Onions and splashed some Red Wine Vinegar on it. I bite my tongue when my parents order.
Dinner: I took my folks to Trader Joe’s. They filled up their cart and I filled mine. The deal of the day were the five pound bags of gorgeous organic apples. You’ll be seeing more apples in the next few days. When I finally got home I presented the groceries to Gary, requesting Lemon Baked Tofu with the lemons and tofu I picked up at Trader Joe’s. Gary has been super supportive while I have been with my parents. He served up the Lemon Baked Tofu with Baked Potatoes, Carrot and Celery sticks with Little Seed Caesar Dressing. We both commented how we like eating raw vegetables. We are a bit nerdy when it comes to food.
Evening: We caught up with each other while eating Cherries.

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