What Vegans Eat – Day 95


Breakfast: We had scheduled a day off! This is a rare event at Responsible Eating And Living Headquarters. Our plan was to drive through some neighborhoods we wanted to get to know better in Connecticut and then visit with some friends for dinner. While I went to pick up the rental car, Gary prepared baked tofu to go and bottled our morning hot beverages. I had a green Genmaicha and Gary had a cinnamon-infused dandelion tea with coconut milk.
Snack: The baked tofu was a great car snack wrapped in romaine lettuce.
Lunch: We stopped at a highway service area which had all the food court favorites from McDonald’s to Chipotle’s. We brought our own and had the best lunch possible: Asian Slaw, Sweet Potato Fries, Quinoa Tabouli, Baked Tofu.
Daily Green Juice: Since I prepare and freeze my green juices for the week, my juice was nicely defrosted and chilled to enjoy after lunch: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots, Lemon, Ginger
We stopped at a grocery store along the way to use the bathroom and discovered they had a lot of great food and very reasonable prices. We bought a lot of dried beans to bring home. I also got to sample some Spiked Seltzer and Owl’s Brew. Fortunately I was not driving.
Dinner: Our friends Charlotte and Peter gave us a tour of their beautiful garden out back with fruit trees and young vegetables popping out of the grown. They harvested some asparagus which we tried raw, right out of the ground. It was sweet and delicious. We had frozen strawberry daiquiri drinks made from strawberries they had grown and frozen a year or two before. They were so good! For dinner we had the fresh asparagus and polenta along with a family specialty – Squash Goop! The meal was fresh and colorful and filled with love. That’s how we like to eat.
Dessert: We had stopped at Bloodroot Vegetarian Restaurant and picked up their vegan Chocolate Decadence Cake. Gary and Charlotte are birthday twins and we started celebrating two weeks early.

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