What Vegans Eat – Day 950


Breakfast: I am calling today “Fun Day Sunday”. We have a full day of fun planned. We got to sleep too late last night, catching up on projects. We had hoped to get up in time to have a nice breakfast before leaving but that didn’t happen. We planned to meet our friends Carole and Frazier at 11am at the Jewish Museum for the Florine Stettheimer exhibit. Carole was excited about seeing this artist’s work but Gary and I were not familiar with her. We looked forward to learning about this modernist painter, designer, and poet. I had some Bai Mu Dan White Tea and grabbed a Banana, an Apple, and a couple of Brazil Nuts.
Lunch: After the museum we went to the new Beyond Sushi on 37th Street for lunch. I was so hungry. The menu is complex items are complex with combinations of fruits and vegetables rolled up in nori wraps making it difficult to know what you’d like. Our server was very helpful. In fact, the entire staff was excellent. Everything is good, so you really can’t go wrong. Carole’s selections were stunning. La Fiesta had black rice, avocado, chayote, and pickled jalapeño topped with black bean purée and kaffir lime chips with a tomato guajillo sauce. The Piece Sampler was served with black rice, charred corn with harrisa and cilantro, curried cauliflower with almond pesto, roasted tomato with tomato guajillo and a seaweed salad with chili flakes and sesame seeds.
She also got the Sassy Bean, a warm noodle salad.
For me, I went with the Chic Pea sushi with black rice, roasted eggplant, artichoke, and English cucumber topped with saffron chickpea pureé and parsley and a tahini sauce. I also ordered the Nutty Buddy with baby greens, soba noodles, jalapeño peanut butter, carrots, cashews, avocado, baked tofu, and cilantro and a Ponzu sauce.
The guys ordered BIG noodle soups. Frazier went with the Red Miso with black beans, charred tomato, silken tofu, baby spinach, corn, and parsley.
Gary ordered the Coconut Curry with butternut squash, asparagus, artichoke, chickpeas, baby spinach, and kaffir lime chips. It looked so good that I ordered a small bowl after I finished my other plates.
With full bellies we walked to the Hudson Theater to see the new play 1984 based on George Orwell’s 1949 book written of the same title. It was chilling to watch, brilliantly acted and directed. It’s closing soon. I recommend seeing it if you are in the NY Metro area.
Dinner: Back at home after this Fun Day, Gary took a walk and I caught up with myself. It’s been a hectic week of driving back and forth to my parents house on Long Island, taking my dad to doctors appointments and lending a hand with the shopping and cooking. I realized I was fatigued and it hit me all at once. When Gary got home he made a rustic dinner of reddish yellow foods starting with Polenta cooked in Tomato Sauce with chopped Carrots, Celery and Onions.
He served it in rim bowls with sides of braised Cauliflower and Red Onions, and slices of Tofu baked in a hot oven with a herbed mustard sauce sweetened with a touch of apricot butter. After dinner I was so relaxed I got into bed and went to sleep.

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