What Vegans Eat – Day 963


Breakfast: It’s Yom Kippur and although I am not observing it, my parents are doing what they can. They lit the Yahrzeit candles yesterday at sundown in honor of people that have passed, their parents, grandparents and siblings. It made for a lot of light! The candles are design to burn for 24 hours so they were going strong this morning when I made my simple and quick breakfast of Rolled Oats, Blueberries, Walnuts and Almond Milk.
30 sept2017-breakfast
I was taking dad to get a blood transfusion today. These procedures take a long time. Dad had his cereal and we headed to the hospital. Once he was checked in and seated in chair and the needle in his vein, the food carts started coming. BEFORE breakfast, the food cart offered boxes of cold cereal like Special K served with milk, and small containers of yogurt. Of course these were the dairy varieties, no soy or almond or coconut milks or yogurts served in the hospital. We were both offered breakfast which was very generous. I declined. I had my breakfast and besides, there was nothing I was interested in eating here. I didn’t come to the hospital to eat! My dad however could not say no. He enjoyed the omelette with ham, and the oatmeal along with coffee. Later on for lunch, he had a cheeseburger (skipping the burger bun), a while flour roll and rice pudding. He enjoyed the rice pudding so much he asked for another. He remarked that he might ask his hematologist to schedule transfusions for him more often so he could enjoy the great hospital food. I am glad he was happy. I, on the other hand, was horrified as usual with the disease-promoting foods the hospital served. I must be the crazy one.
Lunch: When we got back to my parents’ house I was famished. My dad was not hungry at all. Surpised? My mom had set out a spread. There was plenty of the big Kale and Romaine Lettuce Salad with Pears and Green Olives I had made yesterday along with the Bell Peppers I had roasted. I pour Balsamic vinegar on top.
30 sept2017-salad
We finished up the Kidney Bean and Barley Vegetable Soup.
30 sept2017-soup
Mom added to the leftover Almond Crusted Tofu I had made. She fried up some tofu, the way I taught her years ago before I discovered how to bake tofu. I have tried to get her to bake tofu (without oil) but she prefers frying it. My taste buds have changed dramatically. I found her fried Tofu too oily and salty for me. I guess she thought my tofu was bland!
30 sept2017-tofu
Dinner: I managed to get home before 6pm and I found a place to park in front of our building. My good parking “Carma” continues! Gary greeted me with a snack/appetizer before dinner: Red Pepper Hummus and Mary’s Gone Crackers.
30 sept2017-hummous
I guess we are having a tofu competition today. Gary made his Baked Tofu for dinner! I like his tofu too.
30 sept2017-sesame-tofu
His Kale Salad is good too. This one was tossed with Millet and Little Seed Caesar Dressing.
30 sept2017-kale

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