What Vegans Eat – Day 986, Travel Edition


Breakfast: After my night along in Walnut Creek I got up to make breakfast. I am not really alone, I am watching two cats named Jack and Cheddar, but they don’t say very much. Had brought some cooked Multigrain cereal with me that Gary and I had made when we were at his sister’s house a few days ago. I reheated it for breakfast and brought it outside to sit on the terrace with the cats. They like it out there. So do I.
Dinner: I was working to recover what I had lost since my computer crashed a few days ago. It made my usual work load more tedious. Late in the afternoon I took a break and made a giant Kale Salad with Arugula, Red Cabbage, Red Onions, Olives and Tahini Dressing. I made a pot of Red Rice and a Carrot Red Lentil soup adding in Potatoes and Celery to the mix. I took my time eating, and CHEWING. There was a lot to chew.
Evening: After a bit more work I took another break to get some fresh air. I took a run around the neighborhood. It’s a quiet suburb with hilly streets which make for a challenging workout. The scenery is gorgeous. I wasn’t hungry for a meal but then at some point I wanted something a little sweet and refreshing. There is a regular blender where I am staying, not a high-powered one. I thought I’d try to make a soft serve treat adding some almonds, walnuts and cashews to the mix. The nuts were slightly soft because I had rinsed them the day before to get off the salt that was on them. I thought they would be easier to blend. Blending was a bit of a challenge and I opted for leaving little nutty chunks instead of making it creamy and smooth. I realized I was spoiled by the Vitamix we have at home. Still, I enjoyed it.

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