What Vegans Eat – Day 987, Travel Edition


Breakfast: There was a lot of cooked Red Rice so I thought I would try it as a morning cereal. It’s an acquired taste that I have not yet acquired! I love red rice when it is mixed in brown rice or other whole grains. On its own it has a subtle earthy flavor and packed with nutrients. I need to learn what other things complement its nutty, complex flavor. This cereal had Bananas, Raisins, Walnuts, Chia Seeds and Soy Milk.
Lunch: Moving around so many times in the last 3 weeks and crashing my computer has been unsettling and it has been challenging to focus. Fortunately I had invited my favorite person to be a guest on my show It’s All About Food today. Gary! He would be joining me while he’s at his sister’s in San Jose and I am here in Walnut Creek. It was going to be fun talking with him for the full hour! I finished up the rest of the soup I made yesterday so that my stomach wouldn’t be growling during the show while we talked about food.
It was a great show! I hope you get a chance to listen to it. You can find it archived HERE. We covered the irony of Halloween, celebrating all things creepy and scary, while the world continues to be a creepy, scary place every day for many people. Still we like to stay upbeat. We created this video about Halloween that’s a lot of fun and it includes some easy, yummy recipes for the holiday.
Dinner: There was a giant organic Cauliflower waiting to be cooked. I took apart the florets and steamed it. I ate about a third of it with some Tahini Dressing. This is so simple and so good.
Although I was feeling full, I wanted a little color on my plate. I grabbed a couple of tortillas and filled them with Cherry Tomatoes and Olives. I smashed the tomatoes and folded the tortillas. It was just what I needed. I want to remember this flavor combo and make a colorful appetizer recipe with it.

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