What Vegans Eat – Day 988, Travel Edition


Breakfast: With more cooked Red Rice in the refrigerator I gave the Red Rice Cereal a second try. I know it takes about 8 tries to learn to like a new food. This time I added Blueberries, Pears, Raisins and Soy Milk. It’s not bad, but not my favorite either. I think Red Rice is better with savory seasonings rather than sweet flavors.
Lunch: This meal was wonderfully easy since it was all done. I ate the remaining Kale Salad I made a couple of days ago with the Cauliflower I steamed last night. There is still a lot more Cauliflower left over. I topped it with Almonds and Walnuts.
Dinner: I had plans to meet my friend Nancy in San Francisco. Gary and I were going to stay at her home a couple of weeks ago but when the fires came, everything went up in smoke, literally. Nancy’s mom lives in Santa Rosa and had to evacuate and stayed at Nancy’s home in San Francisco. Fortunately, her house was fine when she was able to return home over a week later. Nancy and I were happy to see each other after all that drama. I met her at her house and got to spend time with her partner Jane and young son, Robby. The Good Egg produce delivery had arrived and needed to be unpacked. Nancy offered me a Pressed Juicery Green 1.
Nancy and I were not up for driving and found a Japanese Restaurant that we could walk to. Walking in San Francisco is always fun with the steep hills. We went to Kama Sushi on Church Street. We were treated with a small bowl of Edamame while we looked at the menu.
Nancy began with the Gomae (chilled Spinach with Sesame Sauce).
Next, she had the Avocado Maki and Inari Sushi.
I thought I would try a different combo and ordered the Four Leaf Clover with Shiitake, Kanpyo, Pickled r=Radish and topped with avocado.
Meanwhile, Gary’s been staying at his sister’s in San Jose while she and her husband are traveling. He sent me this photo to show me his meal: Asian Greens Salad and homemade Hummus. Gary – are you eating enough?
Evening: After the hour-long drive from San Francisco to Walnut Creek, I was craving a big brothy soup, so I made one with Tofu, Sweet Potato, Red Onion, Maitake Mushroom, Purple Carrots, Celery and Tahini Dressing.

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