AmyLeo Barankovich, Vegan Affairs


AmyLeo Barankovich, Vegan Affairs
AmyLeo Barankovich is a passionate, self-taught vegan chef and cooking instructor. She has been enjoying a devoted vegan lifestyle for over 30 years. Her mission in life, to share the ease, beauty, and joy of plant-based living, while imparting life-long cooking skill, is expressed through her business, Vegan Affairs. Vegan Affairs offers private and public cooking classes, personal chef services, and plant-based coaching. AmyLeo believes this pandemic, yet another crisis caused by eating animals, is a prime opportunity for humanity to recognize the dire consequences of eating animal products, thus transforming the way we eat.
Recipes in this episode:
Crostata di Ricotta
Meatballs, substituting the tempeh in the recipe with our Healthy World Burger grain mix.

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