AmyLeo Barankovich, Vegan Affairs


AmyLeo Barankovich, Vegan Affairs
AmyLeo Barankovich is a passionate, self-taught vegan chef and cooking instructor. She has been enjoying a devoted vegan lifestyle for over 30 years. Her mission in life, to share the ease, beauty, and joy of plant-based living, while imparting life-long cooking skill, is expressed through her business, Vegan Affairs. Vegan Affairs offers private and public cooking classes, personal chef services, and plant-based coaching. AmyLeo believes this pandemic, yet another crisis caused by eating animals, is a prime opportunity for humanity to recognize the dire consequences of eating animal products, thus transforming the way we eat.
Recipes in this episode:
Crostata di Ricotta
Meatballs, substituting the tempeh in the recipe with our Healthy World Burger grain mix.

  4 comments for “AmyLeo Barankovich, Vegan Affairs

  1. Hi Amy –
    Teresa from the old MN Dance Alliance here. I’ve seen your name pop up on FB lately in relation to my old friend, the lovely, talented and very busy Terry McDaniel, so I know you are in good company.
    My kid, Ty, who is vegan, is graduating from Central HS and we’re throwing him a party! Would your “personal chef services” include making at least some of the food for such a party? If so, please direct me to some options, prices. The party will be June 5th.
    If not, I see there are a lot of recipes to try out here!

    I hope all is well with you – Best, Teresa Neby Lind

    • Hi Teresa, This is not the website for AmyLeo. Unfortunately her website link is no longer working. I am not sure how to connect with her. All the best. – Caryn

  2. It’s me again (Sharon.) I was just listening to the most recent Podcast. Miyoko made tofu on one of her first cooking episodes back in March. She made it look so easy and all that’s needed is nigari and soy milk. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Sharon, Thanks! I once made tofu with a kit using soy milk and nigari. It was fun. The tofu was very soft and it was the silken variety. Miyoko is definitely the queen of vegan staples I will look at her video.

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