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Gary De Mattei Interviews ASK A VEGAN host, Caryn Hartglass

5/20/2012: Responsible Eating And Living Creative Director interviews the host of the Ask A Vegan show, Caryn Hartglass. Caryn talks about her journey from vegetarian to vegan. They discuss transition foods, farmers markets, CSA’s, locally grown food, grilling and vegan cheese.

Walking the Walk, Farm Life in Costa Rica

May 6, 2012: I spoke with my friend Beth Corwin who moved to Costa Rica with her family nine years ago from the U. S. She shares her reasons for leaving the U.S. and choosing Costa Rica, her joys and challenges with living in Central America. For more on Beth Corwin and her family visit…

Broadcast from Costa Rica

4/29/2012: I recorded this show while visiting a farm in very rural area of Costa Rica. Enjoy the background music by the birds and bugs!

Going Vegan, Is It Really That Big A Deal?

I reviewed the recent New York Times blog post, The Challenge of Going Vegan, especially the over 1000 responses (and counting) to it. I debunked popular myths and covered the most popular topics including vegans being “preachy”, the connection behind rainforest destruction and soy beans, needing a chef, requiring scientific knowledge to eat vegan and,…

Pink Slime, Pink Salmon, Methyl Iodide and Rhubarb

Listen to the REAL voice of reason on pink slime (lean finely textured beef and ammonium hydroxide); hot dogs; methyl iodide, methyl bromide and strawberries; maple syrup; fish and sodium tripolyphosphate; salmon and canthaxanthin; and deforestation in Paraguay for beef production. The REAL food to try for the week: Rhubarb!

Red Meat; Sleep; Mood Improvements; Fennel and Daikon

March 18, 2012: I reviewed the recent study from Harvard School of Public Health on “Red Meat Consumption and Mortality”, talked about sleep and sleeping pills, improving your mood with veggies; Broccoli Sprouts, Broccoli Juice; and what to do with Fennel and Daikon. I discussed questions recently posed including: What about men and soy? Is…