Desirèe Marzan, Veganic Wanderings


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Desirèe Marzan, Veganic Wanderings
Desirèe Marzan is a veganic subsistence farmer working for Will Bonsall, the Director of the Scatterseed Project on his farm, Khadighar in Industry, ME.

She is a Nuyorican from Jackson Heights, Queens whose journey is to bring back self-reliance in the form of subsistence growing to New York City. Her focus is to bring nutritious food to underserved communities in densely populated cities. She believes in a life of health, clarity, and personal choices that are in the people’s best interests. Food, and herbal medicine are the first steps in shifting personal awareness inward and gaining answers to what is really meaningful in our lives.

Links mentioned in the program
The Scatterseed Project: Collecting, Preserving, and Sharing Our Horticultural Heritage

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