Goodbye Sproutman


This morning I was drawn to open one of the cupboards containing my Tribest Sprouter. I looked at it for a moment, took it out and held it. I smiled and thought of Steve Meyerowitz, a.k.a. the Sproutman for a moment. I had purchased the sprouter in 2011 after speaking with him on my It’s All About Food show when we spoke about sprouting in detail. I hadn’t used it for a while because it wasn’t working as well as it used to. I reminded myself to send Steve an email asking him if he had an idea to make it work better.
About an hour later I was stunned to read the news that Steve had been killed in a car accident Wednesday night in his home town of Great Barrington MA. Steve was always so full of life and energy, sharing his passion for health and healthy foods. I always learned something from him. It is very hard to believe that his light, his strong, positive, beautiful light has been put out and will never shine again. I can’t help but think Steve was saying goodbye to me this morning when I held that sprouter. I will miss him.
We are keeping Steve’s mission and voice alive here at Responsible Eating And Living with three It’s All About Food interviews.
7-Day Just Juice Diet
Springtime in December
Sprouts the Miracle Foods
Read more about Steve Meyerowitz here in Steven Prussack’s Tribute to a Health Legend.
And read his final brief biography in The Berkshire Edge. It is another lovely tribute to a great man.

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