What Vegans Eat – Day 213


Breakfast: It was a cloudy morning and rain would fall soon. Sitting outdoors waiting for the storm we had Creamy Oatmeal cooked with Cinnamon and Chopped Apples and served with toppings: Chopped Pecans, Ground Flax Seeds, Blueberries. I had some Kukitcha Tea.
Lunch: This meal came late in the day and we were going out to an evening event. I was starving and made a quick meal. There was one jar left of Creamy Carrot Bisque remaining in the freezer which I heated up.
We prepared a salad to go with it made with Romaine Lettuce, Tahini Dressing, Olives, Nutritional Yeast and Flax Seeds. We hadn’t had Tahini in a long time – it was a delicious encounter with an old friend.
Dinner: Despite bringing umbrellas, we came home chilled from sitting in the air-conditioned venue and subway (not complaining!) and damp. After changing into dry clothes we finished up the newest batch of Fruity Waffles along with some toast and topped them with Peanut Butter and Apricot Butter

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