Susan Hargreaves, Animal Hero Kids


Susan Hargreaves, Animal Hero Kids Author/Founder, travels the world celebrating, courageous and compassionate action by kids and teens. She infuses Animal Hero Kids with the passion, wisdom and determination acquired during a lifetime devoted to animal activism. By zeroing in on kindness education, Susan plays an essential role supporting, encouraging and empowering youth to build a more compassionate world for all animals.

As Animal Hero Kids’ dynamic volunteer executive director, Susan creates and presents interactive humane education programs around the globe. Each exciting presentation concludes with cruelty-free vegan fare. Her programs, which often showcase stories of outstanding acts of kindness by youth, have been featured extensively in national and international media.

Help the “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless” book be gifted to every school library at

”Animal Hero Kids Rock. The good news is we can all help animals in need” – Paul McCartney
Recipes mentioned at the end of the program:
Verdura Mista Al Forno
Pesto Recipes
Creamy Vegan Pesto, Oil-Free
Creamy Kale Pesto
Sunny Pesto Paste
Hummus Recipes
Plain Hummus
Red Pepper Hummus
La Baguette, Gluten-Free

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