What Vegans Eat – Day 1044, Travel Edition


Breakfast: We had a theater production meeting at the Purple Onion. We were not hungry enough for breakfast before we left and thought maybe we’d eat something there. There were things we could have veganized on the menu but we didn’t get anything other than hot beverages. I guess we were not inspired enough or hungry enough or both. I got an English Breakfast tea with Almond Milk and Gary went for Decaf Coffee. The meeting lasted about an hour and a half and was very productive. It was also long enough for Gary to get a few refills on his Decaf Coffee. Warning! Decaf coffee does contain caffeine. It’s very little, 3 to 18 mg compared to 140 – 300mg for regular coffee. But when you are sensitive to caffeine and don’t have any for a while, three cups of decaf coffee can give you quite a buzz.
Lunch: After the meeting I had another meeting on the phone with a company that wanted to talk about being a sponsor of my radio show. How exciting! Gary and I went to downtown Los Gatos. I sat in the car for my phone meeting and Gary did some Christmas shopping. Afterwards we were both ready to eat and Andalés was right there for us. Gary ordered the Veggie Burrito with no cheese and added Tofu. I ordered the Tofu Tacos. Each taco comes with two corn tortillas. I like to split the tortillas and fill the extra ones with Salsa, Peanut Sauce, Cilantro and Onions.

Dinner: After another long rehearsal for The Music Man, we got back to Gary’s sister’s home where we are staying. We made Purple Potatoes. I think they are a great late night meal.

Afterwards we had tea. I topped mine off with a little Hennessy. I have a tiny bottle that was given to me a couple of weeks ago from my friend Ann. It will likely take me months to finish it. A little goes a long way. Oh, and I was right about Gary and the decaf coffee, he had to peeled off the basement ceiling.


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