What Vegans Eat – Day 1058, Travel Edition


Brunch: After a late night and a need for rest we got up late. I suggested having lunch at Happy Hooligans, a vegan restaurant in San Jose, California. I had been there once before and I wanted Gary to try it.

We both ordered the Breakfast Bowls: Tater-Tots loaded with Tofu Scrambled Eggs, Diced Ham, Cheese Sauce, Pico de Gallo, Sour Cream and Avocado. It was all vegan and old fashioned comfort food. A little too much comfort for our clean palates. Gary was so surprised at how his tastes have changed over the years knowing that not so long ago he would have loved the dish. The Tofu Eggs were too salty for me but when I mixed it up with everything else it was okay. And Tater-tots! We both used to love them but now not only are they fried but they taste industrial! But we are glad this restaurant is there serving an important purpose. The food here will appeal to most people eating the SAD, Standard American Diet, giving them a tasty introduction to vegan food.

Next was to shop for some basic food items before going to our evening rehearsal for The Music Man. We went to Safeway for Greens, Water and Apples. There was something awry with the organic apples. The sign said they were $4.99 for 3 pounds or $1.67/lb. That’s a great price for organic apples. But the bags only had 2 pounds in them so they were really $2.50/lb, not as good a price.

I weighed a couple of bags to make sure they were only two pounds.

The entire collection of bagged organic apples were mislabeled! Was it a mistake? Was it intentional to charge more per pound than advertised? I went to Customer Service to report the discrepancy. The person behind the counter was nonplussed but said she would let the appropriate person know. We didn’t buy the apples. Another reminder to read all the labels!

Dinner: After another late night at The Music Man rehearsal we came home and prepared a simple dinner of Green Salad with Garbanzo Beans and Tahini Dressing.

And Oats with Raisins, Bananas, Almonds and Soy Milk for dessert!


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