What Vegans Eat – Day 1067, Travel Edition


Breakfast: My lockjaw seems to be improving slightly. Hallelujah! I made Rolled Oats with Blueberries and Walnuts and let it sit a while in a lot of Soy Milk to soften up.

Lunch: Gary was out for the day and I worked at the house where we are staying. When I got hungry I smashed the remaining Tofu Spread I made two days ago on top of a Rice Cake. I like this Tofu Spread with Tahini and Nutritional Yeast and will likely make it again. It’s soft and easy to eat with my sore jaw.

Snack: When Gary goes out he often brings me back something yummy. He brought me a couple of soft Tofu Rolls. They have been a staple the last few days because they are easy for me to eat.

Dinner: I have been craving a big salad but a little afraid because of the chewing required. Tonight, with my jaw feeling a tiny bit better I went for it. The problem is that I added too much water too fast to the Sesame butter when making Tahini. When you do that, the dressing “breaks” and doesn’t get creamy. I could have added more Sesame Butter in to fix it but I let it be. It may not have looked as nice but it was still tasty.

Evening: Teeccino is it, once again, served with Soy Milk.
We thought we were done for the night. Teeth were brushed and we were wide awake in bed, hungry. Okay, we’ll get up and have a little something, which turned into Salad, with mashed Chickpeas and Tahini Dressing and a side of Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Afterwards we were ready to sleep.


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