What Vegans Eat – Day 1084, Travel Edition


Breakfast: It’s the week before we open and there is so much to be done. We need to stay strong and flu-free. We started the day with Grapefruit.

We haven’t gone food shopping since we moved yesterday so the materials for our morning Oats are slim. Fortunately we have some lovely homemade Plum Jam and that took the place of the fruit we typically add.

Dinner: Before our evening rehearsal we went to Tofoo Com Chay and got the usual fare. We started with the Chinese Veg Chicken Salad.

And we both got bowls of Pho. I love the side of Bean Sprouts, Mints and Jalapeno that comes with it.

Towards the end of the meal I felt a little mild pressure in my temples. I hadn’t had that sensation for a long time. I would get it at Chinese restaurants that used M.S.G. Fortunately it didn’t last very long but I was concerned. I wrote to Tofoo Com Chay later via their Facebook page. They assured me that they don’t use M.S.G. and that their main chef is allergic to it. I appreciated them getting back right away, but what caused that pressure???
A little later after a quick shopping a Trader Joe’s, Gary picked up some Kale Ginger smoothies from Jamba Juice. We have to green up all the time!

Evening: Our co-producer was concerned about us getting our greens too and she gave us some Spinach Mushroom soup. Gary wouldn’t touch it of course, since he doesn’t eat mushrooms. I loved it after rehearsals with my Apple-A-Day-Keeps-The-Doctor-Away.


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