What Vegans Eat – Day 1110


Breakfast: I believe we were running on adrenaline the last few weeks (or months!) in California and now our bodies are feeling the fatigue. There is always plenty to do but I am being mindful to work at a more relaxed pace. I began the day with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea and Soy Milk served in a lovely tea cup given to me by a friend when she was moving away.

Then I got serious. Now that we are home it’s time to bake. I took a quick inventory of the ingredients we had in the refrigerator, freezer and pantry and made Strawberry Tahini Scones. It’s Scone Day!

Dinner: Obviously we had our Whatever-Beans-We-Have-Left-In-The-House Soup that Gary found in the freezer yesterday. This will go on for a few days as we rest and regain our strength.

Normally we make use of fresh bunches of Leafy Greens but we’ve only been to Trader Joe’s since we got home and have the 5-ounce bags of organic greens. This is not my preferred choice but it’s convenient. I’ve put in an order at GoOrganicNYC for a produce delivery on Tuesday. I’m excited to see what we get.

Our treat was Baked Fries. And I put organic Ketchup on mine!

Nightcap: Taking a moment to sit and soak in all that we have done in the last few months. Gary had a bottle of Brooklyn Lager and I had a shot of Bourbon!


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