What Vegans Eat – Day 1123


After our big night out last night at the James Beard House, we did not feel so well in the morning. We drank too much, that’s for sure. Each delicious course was paired with a pretty fabulous wine. We had not been to an event like this in a long time and forgot to just taste the wines, rather than drink all that they poured. I would have liked to have stayed home and drank mint tea all day, in bed but I had things to do. I needed to take one of my mom’s cars in for its annual inspection and then spend a little time with her.
Lunch: I was hungry when I got to mom’s and put a quick plate together of frozen veggies and a Dr. Praeger’s burger.

After eating, I called the towing service to jump the other car, whose battery had died from being parked and not used over the winter. While waiting for the tow truck I made mom some soup to eat at another time with Carrots, Onions, Celery, Sweet Potato, White Potato, Cannelini Beans, Corn and seasoned it with Fennel, Carraway and Rosemary.
Dinner: I got the battery replaced in the car and then drove home. It was late and my parking “carma” was not good. I ended up parking in a lot. Afterwards, Gary and I had a little Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup and Brown Rice.

Remember these? I made a simple yummy treat of Coconut Milk and Vanilla sweetened with Raisins and froze it in silicon mini muffin pans. I finished up what was left.


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