What Vegans Eat – Day 113 (Special Travel Edition)


Breakfast: We are easily settling in to our new accommodations for the month, a lovely pool house. I did my yoga routine outdoors in the sun. My Sun Salutation felt true. We brought along some of our favorite loose teas from home. I had a cup of Kukitcha with some mixed nuts, melons and pineapple.

Lunch: We met some of our west coast family at Double D’s Sports Grille in Los Gatos. They have a Chinese Chicken Salad that they easily make without the chicken. It’s fabulous! We all ordered it.

Dinner: Later in the day I headed down to Santa Cruz to work with John and Ocean Robbins on the Plant-Powered & Thriving Course we were airing that evening. When we finished Deo Robbins served up a lovely meal, with an energizing green smoothie, a tangy cabbage slaw, quinoa with walnuts and a chocolate pudding. Afterwards she gave us a little concert and belted out an awesome “Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey”, country-style!

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