What Vegans Eat – Day 1147


Breakfast: We began the day with fresh Oranges again.

For lunch we had more of the hearty Chickpea Corn Chowder.

I was still hungry after the soup and made my own version of “Ants on a Log” with Celery and Peanut Butter using Chia Seeds in place of Raisins. I think the chia seeds look more like ants than raisins do.

Snack: We have loads of candy from the Easter Bunny. It’s going to take years to finish it all because we hardy eat candy and when we do we only eat a tiny bit. We each had one Cocomel Coconut Milk Caramels.

Dinner: Red Cabbage mixed with Kale was tossed with a Little Seed Caesar Dressing served with Chickpea Chowder on the side.

A late night treat – Sweet Potato Toast, thinly sliced Sweet Potato, baked to perfection.


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