What Vegans Eat – Day 1175


Lunch: I admire the folks on the west coast who are up at 8am PT to tune into the 7th Food Revolution Summit, now on Day 3. I’m up at 10am ET to start reviewing the comments and answering the questions that have been coming in from people all around the world who have been tuning in. This is plenty early for me! My work requires intense focus and I forget about eating. Gary brought me my first meal of the day at 1pm, a delicious plate of leftovers with Kale Salad, Potatoes and Green Beans. Yes, I was hungry.

Dinner: In the evening we had a simple meal of Millet with a Black Bean Vegetable Stew. The secret to this dish was a Quick Cashew Cheese Sauce that Gary whisked together in no time at all.


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