What Vegans Eat – Day 1197, Travel Edition


Breakfast: Visiting Quebec, it’s our second morning here and we have breakfast down. I had soaked the Steel Cuts Oats the night before to make cooking them in the microwave a little easier. We had bought one croissant and one pain au chocolat from Les gourmandises LOUCAS yesterday and warmed them up for breakfast. They were disappointing, just white bread dough rolled up for the croissant and chocolate wrapped in the other. I’ve had amazing vegan croissants before when I lived in France so I know they can be made without butter.

Lunch: We were craving raw vegetables and kale! We took our walk down to Avenue St. Jean heading for Blender, a place that makes green juice. You never saw two people so happy to drink green juices. We each had the Verdé, with Kale, Spinach, Celery and Apple. I omitted the Apple in mine and we both got extra Ginger. Deo and I sipped our juices slowly.

Now that our cells were nourished, we hopped across the street to Enrico Chocolatier for something decadent. We read that this shop had several vegan ice creams and chocolates without dairy. They are celebrating 30 years of business.

There is even a Chocolate Museum in a room adjoining the shop.

We each had the Chocolate Tofu Glacé. It was superb!

Coffee Break: After our ice cream we did a little shopping at La Carotte Joyeuse, a health food store for Kale, Lemon, and Beans that we planned on eating at the hotel. Before going back to the hotel, we needed to get Deo a good cup of coffee with Soy Milk. We found La Maison Smith. I had a Chai tea with Almond Milk that was gorgeous. Deo loved her coffee.

Dinner: Back at the hotel Deo steamed the two heads of Kale we purchased and heated the Adzuki Beans. I had brought some small tins from home with Herbes de Provence, Onion Powder, Black Pepper and Turmeric.

These plus some fresh Lemon Juice mixed with the beans and the Kale made a tasty, nutritious meal. We both could not get enough Kale. It was sweet and so delicious. It came from California!

Evening: After dinner we went out walking again. We passed the restaurant Tournebroche Bistro Cafe that advertised a 3-course vegan meal! We decided right then we would go there tomorrow.

I wanted to try Casse-Crêpe, the crêperie I meant to go to yesterday but went to the wrong place. We had dessert there tonight – a Buckwheat Crêpe with Crème de Marrons and another with fresh Strawberries and Red Wine. Life is good!


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