What Vegans Eat – Day 1243, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Breakfast: Rehearsals are starting up again today with the adult cast from 1-5pm. We made an easy breakfast of Corn Thins, Walnut/Cashew Butter and Peanut Butter, Dates, Apples and Bananas.

Dinner: After our 4-hour rehearsal we headed over to the Vegetarian House. It’s getting busier and busier there. I am so happy to see the place filled with people. We started with the Heavenly Salad.

Gary ordered his Queen’s Joy as usual.

I have been missing my old favorite, the Flying Buddha. It was as good as ever.

Teeccino is a great beverage any time of the day. We have it a lot. It’s especially good in a nice teacup.


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