What Vegans Eat – Day 1246, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Breakfast: I wasn’t hungry when we got up in the morning so I prepared my breakfast and brought it with me: Rolled Oats, Raisins, Apples, Cacao Nibs, Soy Milk and Maté tea.

Lunch: I went into our bag of foods we had prepped and made a Salad with Greens, Chopped Onion, Purple Potatoes and Tahini Balsamic Dressing

Mavis, our piano player, gave me some Plums from her tree.
Dinner: Gary ran the adult rehearsal. I was part of the Plant-Powered & Thriving course Q&A. I went to Gary’s sister’s home and set up my webcam, microphone and lights for the event which lasted three hours. Afterwards I picked up Gary at rehearsal and we went home. I had a Corn Thins and Walnut/Cashew butter snack.


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