What Vegans Eat – Day 1248, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Breakfast: We have a tough schedule directing two casts of Into the Woods. We get home late and have to get up early. There does not seem to be time for anything. Prepping a lot of food in advance and our thermos bottles of tea is what is keeping me energized. During a rehearsal break at 11:30am I was hungry and ate two small Yellow Potatoes.

Lunch: My standard lunch of Red Quinoa and Red Lentils was upgraded today, topped with Microgreens.

About an hour later I had an Apple.

A little while later I had a Tangelo. There is a tree full of them in the yard of the home where we are renting the basement. They are so juicy.

Dinner: I didn’t think I was hungry but when we went to Khanh’s for dinner I devoured everything. We started with our regular Tofu Fresh Rolls.

Gary ordered his standard Rice Vermicelli with Vegetables.

It was the Lemongrass Tofu for me today and I enjoyed it.


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