What Vegans Eat – Day 1250, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Breakfast: I took the extra time in the morning to make a nice savory breakfast, Tofu Scramble with Potatoes, Onions, Spinach, Onion Powder, Tomatoes and Herbs. We had Tangelos from the tree at the house we are staying at and a side of Corn Tortillas.

Dinner: Taking advantage of our location we walked over to Historic Downtown Campbell for dinner at Sushi Confidential. We started with appetizers: Edamame with sesame oil and salt.

And we also tried the Shishito Peppers, blistered, with garlic, soy sauce and sea salt. I love these peppers.

I ordered the Vegan Domburi again with Wakame, Daikon, Kaiware Sprouts, Cucumbers, Ginger, Sesame, Nori, Carrots and Tofu, with no tempura batter. I appreciated the menu clarifying what they don’t do, so that the dish will be vegan. Tempura can be vegan but sometimes has egg in it. Often in restaurants everything that is fried is done in the same oil. This means fish, meat and chicken dishes are fried with the vegetables. Noting that the vegan version is not fried makes me trust the place a little more than I normally would.

Gary tried the Sizzling Teppan, a vegetable stir-fry.


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