What Vegans Eat – Day 1256, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Breakfast: It’s a grueling schedule we have but we have made it to Friday when we work during the day but have the evening off. Hurray! Our breakfast took place during the teen rehearsal lunch break from 12:30pm-1pm. We ate on the steps. It was a mini picnic. Gary plated the Salads with Greens, Polenta, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Walnuts and Lemon Juice.

Lunch: I snacked on fresh picked Blackberries during the afternoon rehearsal.

Dinner: With the rehearsal over at 4:30pm, I gave a voice lesson until 5pm. Then it was our time to relax. We stopped by Gary’s sister Deb’s to pick up a package I had sent there. She insisted we come in and chat for awhile. She had a neighbor over and they were nibbling on Fruits, Carrots, Avocado, Bread and Cold Cuts. I enjoyed the Nectarines and Carrots dipped in Avocado.

Back in Campbell with the evening free we decided to walk to the downtown Campbell area. We’ve eaten there three times now and it’s always been nice, especially being seated at an outdoor table. It’s always been lively but we had never been there on a Friday night. It’s crazy. There are mobs of people and all the restaurants are full. We walked around reading the menus and talking to wait staff to see what vegan options were available. We settled on going back to Sushi Confidential but at 8pm they had an hour wait. It was odd because there were a few tables available outdoors. They said they had to hold them 15 minutes for people who reserved them. We chose to take a walk around, it was a lovely night. We stopped into a bookstore and thumbed through a few books. Gary read some Hemingway to me. Then we walked back to Sushi Confidential. There were six tables open out doors and the inside looked roomier. But the host said all the tables were reserved and had to hold them at least 15 minutes. This was madness. We politely sat on a bench for 15 minutes enjoying the evening air. After 16 minutes I went back and looked at the host. He was overwhelmed. I reminded him we had waited 15 minutes and that there were 6 open tables outside. He relented and seated us in the corner at the tiniest table. Gary and I were not in the mood for a battle. We wanted to enjoy the evening. We sat at our little table and ordered drinks. I had a hot Sake and Gary had a beer.

We ordered the same appetizers we had a few days ago, Shishito Peppers and Edamame.

We both went for the vegan Domburi tonight. Unfortunately they arrived with Tempura Tofu. The menu explicitly says the tofu is without tempura for it to be vegan, plus we didn’t want fried food. The server was surprised when we explained this to her. She said the chef told her they were okay. Still we insisted on getting the vegan Domburi, without tempura. Our dinners arrived at 9:50pm. Despite the lousy service we enjoyed the fresh air, the perfect weather and our precious night off.


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