What Vegans Eat – Day 1264, Travel Edition – Bay Area, CA


Breakfast: Good days start at Roy’s Station! Today’s rehearsal starts at 1pm so we had some time to sleep in a bit longer and have tea at Roy’s.

Lunch: We didn’t have breakfast and Gary and I thought we wouldn’t need to eat before rehearsal. But around noon we both felt hungry and didn’t have much time. Since we were in Japantown we went to one of the sushi restaurants. I got the Seaweed Salad, which was a little saltier than it should be, in my opinion.

We shared some edadmame.

The Avocado Maki was loaded with Avocado! The Genmaicha tea was especially good.

Dinner: After rehearsal we picked up our friends Demyn and Susan and went to Palo Alto to True Food Kitchen. We had stayed in their home last month when they were in China and we wanted to treat them to dinner. It was a treat for all! Gary and I began with the Kale Aid Green Juice. I order mine without Apple. Gary reminded me that the True Food fresh pressed juices come with ice, which seems so wrong to me! I ordered mine without ice. And guess what? It came with ice. In the end we were not charged for our juices. The server apologized for it taking so long to bring them out to us. I didn’t notice it taking so long, we were having a fine time with our friends, but I appreciated the gift! We ordered the Charred Cauliflower appetizer made with Harissa Tahini, Medjool Dates, Dill, Mint and Pistachio

We also got the Asparagus Toast with Roasted Cipollini Onion, Green Garbanzos, Tahini and Hemp Seeds.

I chose the Ancient Grains Bowl with Miso Glazed Sweet Potato, Turmeric, Charred Onion, Snow Peas, Grilled Portobello, Avocado, Hemp seeds and Tofu.

Gary was going to get one of the vegan bowls but they both had mushrooms so he ordered the T.L.T. Sandwich with Smoked Tempeh, Butter Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Vegan Mayonnaise and Seeded Grain Bread.

Demyn got the Korean Noodle Salad with Sweet Potato Glass Noodle, Bok Choy, Kale, Cucumber, Kimchi, Mango, Bean Sprouts, and Almond Lime Vinaigrette

Susan opted for a fish dish. She had gone on a 15-mile run earlier in the day and felt she needed it. The nice thing about True Food Kitchen is there are many vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, the food is fresh and seasonal. Everyone can choose what they want and be happy!

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