What Vegans Eat – Day 1274


Breakfast: We arrived home on a red eye flight. The tradition is to have pancakes whenever we get back from a trip and I was not going to disappoint. After we unpacked and vacuumed up a little, Gary dozed off and I made pancakes. I made them fast and didn’t whip the Aquafaba like I usually do with this recipe so they were a little thin. But they tasted great, especially with the added Blueberries. I also made our Apricot Butter.

Dinner: Fortunately I made an order with GoOrganicNYC and we had some produce delivered today. There isn’t much in the house to eat. We were very slow most of the day and were not up for food prep. I made our Whole Grain Blend with Basmati Brown Rice, Red Rice, Black Rice and Millet. I was decadent and topped it with a little Vegan Butter.

I took a second serving topped with Shiitake Mushrooms. I’ve got lots of dried mushrooms that I can rehydrate anytime. This comes in handy and they are very flavorful.

Evening: I went to the little market across the street from us to buy tropical fruits. I picked up a Watermelon and two Pineapples. The heat and humidity are here and this is the only way to get through it.


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