What Vegans Eat – Day 129 (Special Travel Edition)


Breakfast: As I have mentioned, we are in California for a month, staying in the pool house at Gary’s brother’s home. We have a small kitchen but we are not cooking, except for boiling water for tea. We do make breakfast and a lot of salads but we are dining out more than we ever do when we are at home. And this day we only ate restaurant food. The thing I need to be most careful about when eating restaurant food is salt. I don’t put salt in my food at home and as a result everything tends to be terribly salty in restaurants. But I am figuring out what to do, slowly but surely. For example, take Hobbee’s tofu scramble. Yes, it’s too salty for me, so now I ask for it without the seasonings. I love cumin and tumeric which are used in their scramble but it’s premixed with salt. So I’ve been forgoing the seasonings and I’ve been happy ever since. Here’s the Hobbee’s Tofu Scramble with the seasonings that Gary gets. The tofu has a nice yellow color making it look like eggs. He also orders a side of corn tortillas. And I had plenty of Hobee’s Tea.
And here’s the tofu scramble, sans seasonings. The tofu is white. I love it! It still has plenty of flavor for my palate.
Lunch: I stayed in at the pool house, talking to my coaching clients, while Gary stepped out for lunch with his sister. They went to a Vietnamese restaurant in San Jose called Khanh’s. There are some wonderful Vietnamese restaurants in this area and I find it to has some of the healthiest options of the Asian cuisines. Gary brought home the spring rolls for me, which we love.
Dinner: Thanks to a special Vegetarian House gift certificate we received from our friends Stan and Maura we treated ourselves to a feast. Of course we had the Flying Buddha Soup, made with Napa Cabbage, fresh tofu, taro, mushroom, soy protein and yam flour crescents served in a hot pot.
And the Heavenly Salad is a must! It’s a fantastic mix of shredded red & green cabbage, soy protein, tofu, onion, carrot and fresh mints tossed in a light vinaigrette and topped with crushed peanuts
The Spicy Cha Cha is a treat: crumbed yam flour crescents seasoned with mixed spices, red bell pepper, onion, garlic and chili.
And we tried something new – the Firecracker which is bean curd cakes wrapped in seaweed and flavored with a house made spicy Thai lemongrass. It’s firecracker hot!
We washed it all down with jasmine tea and had leftovers to take back with us.
Evening: Later on back at the pool house we relaxed with some mint tea, Chocolate Love and poetry. If you zoom in on the picture you can read the lovely poem.

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