What Vegans Eat – Day 1298


Brunch: If the first meal of the day is after noon, do we call it brunch? We often don’t eat until after noon. We go to bed late and get up late. So our first meal is either a very late breakfast or brunch or just lunch. Whatever. Today I cooked a lot of Garbanzo Beans and made Red Pepper Hummus with some of them. I served it with a big Salad and Carrot and Celery Sticks.

Dinner: We’re feeling a little under the weather and weren’t in the mood for a big meals. I set out fresh Strawberries, Dried Figs, Dark Chocolate and served it with Teeccino for Gary and Maté for me.

Evening: At about 10pm we sat down for beer. I tried the Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout which I loved. I couldn’t drink the whole bottle and will likely finish the rest, a little flat perhaps in a few days. Gary had Anchor Steam.

I made myself a plate of Hummus with warm Shiitake Mushrooms served with Red Potatoes. Gary skipped the mushrooms.


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