What Vegans Eat – Day 1299


Brunch: The big event of the day was to visit the Riverdel Vegan Cheese Store to pick up some cheeses for some new recipes we are creating. Gary made the most glorious Oatmeal I have ever had, smooth and light yet satisfying, creamy and subtly sweet. We topped our bowls with Strawberries, Bananas, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts and ground Flax Seeds.

Dinner: Riverdel is a fun store filled with all kinds of vegan prepared foods, mostly plant milk cheeses and plant meats. May one day all grocery stores be like this one! After getting what we came for, we walked around the ‘hood’ and stopped at Luanne’s Wild Ginger. The menu has many choices, and it was hard to order because we weren’t familiar with most of the offerings. We started with Scallion Pancakes With home-made Herb-Garlic Cashew Cheese, Avocado, Arugula and spicy Mayo. This was superbly delicious. I will try this one at home. We have a Scallion Pancake recipe and all we need to do is top it with Arugula and our Chipotle Sauce.

Gary got courageous and went out of his comfort zone and ordered the House Bi-Bimbap with Seitan, Avocado, Hijiki and Wakame Seaweed, Adzuki Beans, boiled Spinach, Mango Salsa, and Kimchi, spread cool over warm Multigrains and served with Sesame-Peanut and Kimchi Dressings. He enjoyed most of it, but gave me the Wakame Seaweed to finish, which I love.

I had the Kimchee Pumpkin Gumbo with Spiced Cabbage, White Beans, Sweet Potato and diced Tomato, in a Kabocha puree over Multigrains with Avocado, fresh Basil, Mint leaf and Cilantro garnish. It was an unusual dish for me but the flavor combinations worked well. I enjoyed it a lot. The sweet Kabocha broth went well with the spicy, pungent Kimchee.

Evening: Later that evening when we were back at home we both had Apples during our intermission break watching a film on Netflix.

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