What Vegans Eat – Day 1311


Breakfast: It’s Primary Election Day and my first time working the polls. I had to be at the site at 5am. I packed a bottle of hot Maté tea, a bottle of water, a container of Soaked Oats with Berries and Seeds and brought the Green Zenphony leftovers for lunch. By 9:30am I was ready to take a break and eat my breakfast.

Lunch: I was given an hour break for lunch. Our apartment is just a couple of minutes walk to the school where the voting is taking place so I came home to heat up my leftover Chinese food. The apartment was filled with luscious aromas. Gary was cooking! He made a Tofu Quiche, with a Garbanzo Bean Flour Crust. The filling was subtly flavored with the remainder of Cheezehound GreyDayBlue vegan cheese

I always make a soup of my Green Zenphony leftovers. I love it.

Gary also made creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Cashew Cream. I was stuffed but took a tiny bowl to try it.

Dinner: I worked until 10pm. It was a long, interesting day. I spent some of the time talking to my fellow workers and some of the voters about food. I didn’t want to talk politics, plus we weren’t supposed to. Food seemed to be the right subject and I shared my knowledge with whomever would listen!


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