What Vegans Eat – Day 132 (Special Travel Edition)


Breakfast: What’s different about our rolled oats breakfast by the pool this morning? Rio decided to join in the fun and take a quick dip!
Lunch: We went for a long walk up around the reservoir on the Los Gatos Creek trail. Fortunately there was a nice cool breeze and it wasn’t sweltering and dry. But when we got back I was famished. I started by cutting open a sweet cantaloupe and shared half of it with Gary. Then I made some tacos with avocado, grape tomatoes, chopped scallions and bell peppers with the last leftover Vegetarian House “Firecracker” (bean curd cakes wrapped in seaweed and flavored with a house made spicy Thai lemongrass), chopped up in pieces served with a squeeze of lime juice. Wow, that was a winner. But when I was finished I was still hungry. I ate a banana and then an orange and I finally felt sated.
Dinner: There was a big dinner planned for Father’s Day. Gary made a zucchini tomato dish with fresh zucchini from nephew Josh’s garden. There were Roasted Small Potatoes, a Green Salad, Field Roast Sausages, Quinoa and Baked Tofu. Gary’s sister Deb brought artichokes that had been cooked in vegetable stock, white wine, lemon, olive oil and herbs, garlic, salt and pepper. Everything was delicious. We finished up with a few pieces of a Chocolove Raspberry Chocolate bar.

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