What Vegans Eat – Day 1324


Breakfast: Getting ready for my second day in court. Today we are called for 10:30am. We have to check our phones with security before going to the court room, so I can’t photograph my lunch! Gary prepped it for me, Black Beans with Nutritional Yeast, like yesterday and a big Kale Salad, topped with Walnuts and our precooked Whole Grain Blend. I prepared my bottle of Green Tea for the day.

Then I sat down to some leftover Miso Vegetable Soup. Gary was careful not to let it get too hot or boil. Miso should never be boiled!

Dinner: I was not very hungry and felt dehydrated. I was craving juicy fruits. We stepped out to go to a small grocery store nearby and bought a Pineapple and a Cantaloupe. We ate them both. It was what I needed.


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