What Vegans Eat – Day 1340


Breakfast: Just tea, as usual in the morning. Today it’s Maté.
I made a lot of Steel Cut Oat and Millet Waffles yesterday to freeze some. Well, they are not going to last long because I warmed some of them for our first meal of the day, served with Apricot Butter and Grapefruit.

Dinner: Celebrating Friday, we both got in the kitchen to cook. Gary made a variation on his famous No Egg Omelette with Guacamole and Home Fries. He suggested having some kind of wrap, and our newest Buckwheat Crepe recipe was the winner. And it WAS a winner. It’s made with buckwheat groats, not flour, and water and a tiny amount of baking powder. It’s amazing.

Evening: We all like a little something sweet in the evening. I made a quick treat with frozen Bananas, fresh oranges and Almond Extract blended together. That was all that was needed.


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