What Vegans Eat – Day 1339


Breakfast: Most mornings I just have tea. Today it was Jasmine.
Lunch: I started to eat at about noon with a Banana. Then we decided to finish up the Steel Cut Oats and Millet Waffles I made yesterday, topped with Blueberry Banana Coulis. They are better the second day! Crispier.

Dinner: We worked at the kitchen table most of the day, facing each other on our MacBooks. At one point my body started talking to me, “FEED ME, FEED ME!” I prepped some Carrots and Celery Sticks and served them with Lemon Hemp Seed Dressing.

I saved the tops of the Celery Stalks with the leaves and put them in the rest of the soup Gary made two days ago. This was our early dinner, on the terrace.

Evening: We didn’t eat much today, focused on getting some projects done, as usual. It was late when I thought of the Steel Cut Oats “Cake” Gary had made a few days ago. He cooked the Oats like he usually does with fruits and let it set-up in a pan and cool. Afterwards, it slices nicely and it makes a nice bread-pudding type treat, especially when refrigerated topped with Blueberry Banana Coulis.

I was still hungry and broke into the bag of Corn Thins and topped a couple with Peanut Butter.


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