What Vegans Eat – Day 1345


Breakfast: This morning I made Maté tea and sweetened it with a pinch of Stevia. I don’t usually care for stevia but it seems to go well with Yerba Maté tea, I think because they come from the same region around Uraguay.
Lunch: I was on deck for making our first meal. I sautéed some Red Onions, then toasted Buckwheat groats in the pan before cooking it in water. When it was almost done I added the onions in, along with small bits of cooked Sweet Potato and Baked Tofu.

It made a hearty breakfast. There were two Millet Pesto balls left that I put on top.

Dinner: Another activist night out. My friend and colleague, J. Morris Hicks was speaking at a Plant-Powered Manhattan meeting and Gary and I went to support him. We made a fast Hummus and a Green Salad to bring to the potluck. The fare was a bit healthier than the last meeting I went to. There was vegan pizza and a small box of vegan doughnuts too. We have it all, something for everyone.

Evening: We didn’t eat much at the event, just what we had brought. I was dreaming of pasta on the way home. We don’t have much food in the house since we are leaving for a trip but I knew there was half a package of Brown Rice Spaghetti in the pantry. Gary created a gorgeous dish with Black Olives and Arugula. We don’t eat pasta often but when we do, it’s got to be good. And this was so good.


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